[rabbitmq-discuss] Only 20 req-resps per second

ssorted selfsorted at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 01:52:26 GMT 2010

I would like to use RabbitMQ for RPC. Example Python scripts I used
are here:
- client - http://dpaste.com/hold/273708/,
- server - http://dpaste.com/hold/273709/

The client script sends 100 requests and waits 100 times for a
response. It is done sequentially for each request: send 1st message,
wait for response for 1st message, send 2nd message ....

Performance is very low: the client.py script needs 4 seconds to
finish which means only 25 requests+responses per second. After
changing the client.py script to first send all requests, and then
consume all responses, it finishes in 0.25 second which means 400
requests+responses per second. But this is not the situation I need to
simulate and bad performance of the original script is a problem for

These scripts use amqplib, I reimplemented them in pika (alternative
AMQP Python library) but without any difference in performance.

The question is: have I implemented the RPC mechanism correctly? And
why the performance is so bad? Can be something done or simply AMQP
isn't suited for high performance RPC?


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