[rabbitmq-discuss] Only 20 req-resps per second

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Thu Nov 11 08:34:16 GMT 2010

On 11/11/2010 1:52AM, ssorted wrote:

 > Performance is very low: the client.py script needs 4 seconds to
 > finish which means only 25 requests+responses per second.

That's not what I see. With everything running on localhost I see 100 
iterations in ~240ms on my laptop. Commenting out the print statements 
and increasing to 1000 iterations (to amortise Python's startup costs) I 
get 1000 in ~1200ms - or about 1.2ms each. Pipelining would let things 
go faster still, but I understand why you'd not want that.

> The question is: have I implemented the RPC mechanism correctly?

No, I think your code is reasonable.

> And
> why the performance is so bad? Can be something done or simply AMQP
> isn't suited for high performance RPC?

That's a good question. What is the latency between client.py / Rabbit / 
server.py? But it can't all be latency, even your pipelined case seems 
very slow.

Cheers, Simon

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