[rabbitmq-discuss] Can Java API JsonRpcClient know server not exist?

崔钢(MSN) cuigang0120 at msn.com
Wed Nov 10 09:44:57 GMT 2010


I'm run RabbitMQ Java client 2.1.1 examples HelloJsonServer and HelloJsonClient. The RabbitMQ Server's version is 2.1.1.
My question is if HelloJsonServer program not running, I start up HelloJsonClient first, the process will be blocked.
Is there a way to set a timeout or exception, when HelloJsonClient send the request and HelloJsonServer not exist the function will throw an exception tell me JsonRpcClient waiting response time out or the request server not exist?

And another question is when the HelloJsonClient start up first ( HelloJsonServer not exist at this time ), the process be blocked, and then kill the HelloJsonClient process, run HelloJsonServer, HelloJsonServer will handled a request message. Is there a way when the JsonRpcClient process terminated, the in queue request messages from that JsonRpcClient can automatic dropped by the broker?


Cui Gang
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