[rabbitmq-discuss] Millions of Queues

Martin Sustrik sustrik at imatix.com
Wed Feb 18 10:49:51 GMT 2009

>> If the message load is high (no idea how much traffic can 80M users produce)
>> you can easily overload the network by passing every message to every
>> terminal broker. In this case some kind of up-the-tree binding propagation
>> (whether we'll call it federation or not) would be required.
> Although, using Ryan's model, one could still achieve this with a
> RabbitMQ cluster.  You would need to make sure that for a given chat
> room K, all the queues listening to K were on the same node.  The
> price, as Ryan stated, is that a user may then have N connections to N
> rooms, but that is perhaps ok.

Sure. Actually, if there's large number of chatrooms with every user 
being subscribed to just a few of them this is the optimal model.

I must have gone fairly one-sided over last year always looking for the 
worst possible use cases, congestion scenarios etc. It's time to have a 
holiday :)


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