[rabbitmq-discuss] does anybody depend on Erlang/OTP R11?

Robert Boucher rboucher at guardianmobility.com
Tue Feb 17 14:25:45 GMT 2009

We are currently using RabbitMQ on an ARM-based embedded platform.  The 
current OpenEmbedded cross-builing environment that we are using is 
limited to R11B-1.  I attempted to build a later release of OTP but 
encountered a number of issues which I did not have time to tackle.

Robert Boucher

Matthias Radestock wrote:
> To date RabbitMQ has been targeting Erlang/OTP R11 - it runs fine on 
> more recent releases but the code only has dependencies on R11 APIs, our 
> "binary" distributions are compiled for R11 (if they were compiled for 
> R12 they wouldn't run on an R11 Erlang), and our Windows bundle contains 
> R11B-5.
> R11 is getting quite old and we'd like to start targeting R12B-3 so that 
> we can take advantage of some of the features introduced in the later 
> releases, and ditch the various workarounds we have in place for R11 bugs.
> R12B-3 or later is available as a package for many OS distributions, 
> such as Ubuntu Intrepid, EPEL and macports. However, we have been 
> holding back on the switch to R12 because the stable Debian distribution 
> only contained R11. With the release of Debian "lenny" a few days ago 
> that has changed - it contains R12B-3.
> So my question is this:
> Does anybody have a dependency on running the R11 version of Erlang/OTP?
> Regards,
> Matthias.
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