[rabbitmq-discuss] Header Exchange

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu Sep 4 10:03:52 BST 2008


Ben Hood wrote:
>> Along that line, is there a list of RabbitMQ's protocol extensions, or
>> is it just a pure-0.8 implementation right now?
> Have a look at the compatibility information for Rabbit:
> http://www.rabbitmq.com/compatibility.html

Just to follow up on that ...

To date we have not extended the AMQP protocol. Instead we have been 
focusing on extensions that make the broker more versatile by providing 
- transports, e.g. HTTP,
- gateways that bridge between AMQP and several other messaging 
networks, e.g. XMPP, Stomp, SMTP,
- adapaters to various ESBs, e.g. Mule, WCF, and
- clients for various programming languages, e.g. AS3, .net.


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