[rabbitmq-discuss] Pub/sub with expiring reply queue

Richard Marr richard.marr at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 11:55:44 GMT 2008

Hi Ben,

> This sounds like plain jane async RPC over AMQP. It is a fairly
> commonly used pattern.

Good to know, thanks. I've had a look through the source of the RPC
client/server code and the fog is slowly starting to lift.

> The only thing that doesn't exist yet is message expiry (is on the
> roadmap, but as always, no ETA).

Okay, well I should be able to deal with that myself. If my solution
is relatively generic I'll send it to you guys to consider.

Mainly I just wanted to get a bit of reassurance that I'm not planning
on using a screwdriver to hammer a nail.

Thanks again,


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