[rabbitmq-discuss] problems reconnecting via known_hosts

Drew Smathers drew.smathers at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 22:43:07 GMT 2008

Currently I am using rabbitmq 1.4.0 (and py-amqplib client) for an
application and wanted to implement reconnecting logic but have
recently run into some problems.  First some background on my

>From my understanding, the OPEN_OK method specifies the parameter
known_hosts should be a comma-separated list of hosts known by the
current broker.  I decided to piggy back on this to implement
reconnecting logic (essentially round-robin testing of cached
hostnames).  This was been working fine ... until recently my unit
tests for reconnecting started timing out.  I noticed from the logs
that the server has stopped returning the usual list of known hosts on

 Open OK! known_hosts []

Where [] usually contains the lists of known hosts from the server.
Is it expected that the server might not return a listing of
known_hosts to the client?  If so, are there known conditions for
this?  Or might this be a bug?


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