[rabbitmq-discuss] problems reconnecting via known_hosts

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sat Dec 6 08:50:45 GMT 2008


Drew Smathers wrote:
> I noticed from the logs
> that the server has stopped returning the usual list of known hosts on
>  Open OK! known_hosts []
> Where [] usually contains the lists of known hosts from the server.
> Is it expected that the server might not return a listing of
> known_hosts to the client?  If so, are there known conditions for
> this?  Or might this be a bug?

known_hosts should contain a comma-separated list of host:port entries, 
including the host:port you are connecting to.

I am not aware if any problems in that area, so if you have a test case 
to reproduce the problem please send it to us. Also, please try running 
the tests through the tracer 
(http://www.rabbitmq.com/examples.html#tracer), to check that the server 
really isn't returning the correct information.

Note that known_hosts has been removed from AMQP in version 0-9-1, so 
you may not want to spend too much time implementing a solution based on 
it. I'd recommend using an out-of-band mechanism instead.


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