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Vadim Zaliva lord at crocodile.org
Mon Dec 8 04:11:08 GMT 2008

On Dec 6, 2008, at 15:16 , Ben Hood wrote:

> For starters, I don't know how you wrote the codec handling - in
> general this is generated from the spec (see
> extras/generate_skeleton_0_8.py in Barry's tree). If you've got an
> automatic way to rebase PHP from the python code, that's cool, but if
> not, please be aware that the spec does change periodically (e.g. the
> 0.9.1 spec is going to be implemented soon).

the is no automatic way in current PHP implementation.

> Secondly, you may want to consider how you want to handle parallelism.
> The initial version of py-amqplib took a single threaded approach,
> which was cool, but in some circumstances you could run into
> difficulties - but I'm sure that Barry can advise.

I guess it is not a problem since PHP world is single-threaded.

> Thirdly, I don't know whether you've read this article:
> http://hopper.squarespace.com/blog/2008/6/21/build-your-own-amqp-client.html
> Lastly, you might also gain some insights by looking at Aman's Ruby
> library: http://github.com/tmm1/amqp/tree/master and asking questions
> on the ruby amqp list.

Thanks! These links are quite interesting. I must make it clear that  
developing PHP AMQP library is not in my long term plans. I just  
needed to send some messages to RabbitMQ from PHP code and I ported  
this code. In general I am trying to avoid PHP. I would rather spend  
my time working on improving the Python library.

I hope some people will find my PHP code useful and take over from me  
and turn it into good PHP library, perhaps packaged as PEAR module. I  
will be glad to grant SVN access rights to anybody interested.  
Eventually I will be glad to cease project admin rights, once the  
right person emerges. Maybe it is a good idea to maintain it in sync  
with the Python library (as Barry mentions in the previous message),  
so some coordination may be required.


"Hated by fools, and fools to hate, be this my motto and my fate"
(Jonathan Swift)

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