[rabbitmq-discuss] Service stops automatically, when web management console is activated

Kostas kgk at dataverse.gr
Wed Mar 26 14:06:50 GMT 2014



I have the following problem.

When I enable the management plugin, the RabbitMQ service seems to stop by
itself (crashes?).

I didn't find any logs in Windows Event Viewer.


I have found a similar problem reported here:


I did try removing the mnesia folder in %APPDATA%\RabbitMQ\db but nothing
has changed.

Note that I didn't have any older version of RabbitMQ installed before.

I am not sure what version I have exactly, but it was installed only some
months ago.


I don't know if this is some issue with Python.

Is there any log for what happened to the service?


Thanks in advance for any help. J


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