[rabbitmq-discuss] Bug: Messages lost on server restart with dead-letter and TTL queue

Sam Lawrence samlaw350 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 00:43:28 BST 2014


The following URL from 2012 described a bug where if the rabbitmq server 
was stopped and started again after a period of time which is greater than 
a queues TTL, the messages would be lost rather than being dead-lettered.


In the thread, Matthias said this was a bug and would be fixed in a future 

I am running v3.3.1 and am seeing this behaviour which suggests the bug has 
not been fixed, this would be strange considering this bug was identified 
~1.5 years ago.   

Can anyone confirm if this was fixed, or if their is some other caveat to 
this issue?

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