[rabbitmq-discuss] Unable to add new users in RabbitMQ cluster

Paul Holyoake paul.holyoake at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 12 16:34:25 BST 2014


We've recently set up a two node RabbitMQ cluster (both nodes are disk). 
Running RabbitMQ v3.3.0 and Erlang 17.

Using the admin console connecting to the primary node, I can add a user 
called "test" with the password "test". I add the "administrator" tag and 
add permissions to the "/" virtual host.

I can see the user replicated on the second node using the admin console. 

When logged out and trying to login as the "test" user to either's admin 
console, I get the login failed. I've tried restarting the rabbit service 
on the secondary node.

Any ideas?

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