[rabbitmq-discuss] Relocate Rabbit log files on Windows 2008R2

Mariusz Wojcik mariusz.wojcik at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Jul 30 09:05:45 BST 2014

This is a wild guess, but try reinstalling RabbitMQ server.
I haven't changed log file location, but I had issues with config file 
location on windows 2012, where RabbitMQ was reporting it couldn't find the 
file even though the file was there and was accessible. Also changing 
config file location in env. variable didn't help. But reinstalling 
RabbitMQ service worked.



On Wednesday, 30 July 2014 02:42:53 UTC+1, Scott McFadden wrote:
> I installed RabbitMQ 3.3.0 on our dev Win2008R2 box as my domain user 
> acme\smcfadden.  After install was complete, I changed the Windows service 
> identity
> from amce\smcfadden to acme\rabbitservice (acme\rabbitservice is a local 
> admin).  Also, I added the following system level environment variable:
> I then restarted the RabbitMQ service via the MMC snapin for services.
> Unfortunately, the log files still write to 
> C:\Users\smcfadden\AppData\Roaming\RabbitMQ instead of C:\Logs\RabbitMQ
> Please advise how to change log file location.
> scott
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