[rabbitmq-discuss] default_user vs definitions

Dmitry Andrianov dmitry.andrianov at alertme.com
Tue Jul 8 16:02:00 BST 2014


RabbitMQ 3.3.4. In the rabbitmq.config we have both default user and 
loading of definitions JSON like that:

   {rabbit, [
       {default_user, <<"default">>},
       {default_pass, <<"password">>},
   {rabbitmq_management, [{load_definitions, 

And if we have users in that JSON - they get created. However if we 
remove users from JSON, the default one does not get created. (We 
stopping, removing mnesia and starting again). Disabling definition JSON 
makes default user to appear.
I am not sure if it is an intended behaviour or just some race condition 
when the server core makes a wrong decision regarding is it the first 
start or not because management plugin has already created some entities.

The reason why we prefer creating user with rabbitmq.config is because 
the password there is plaintext while definitions requires a hash.
Usernames and passwords get populated from some master file during the 
deployment. We need plaintext password for clients so it is already in 
that file. Using JSON would require us to also add the same password but 
in hashed form to the same master config which does not feel right. 
Maintaining this pass+hash pair in multiple config files won't be very 
pleasant. I considered generating hashed value from plaintext during 
deployment myself given your algorithm is straightforward but it does 
not feel right either - this will introduce unnecessary coupling and if 
one day you change your hashing algorithm everything will break.

So are there any options here?

1. The fact default_user is ignored - is it a feature or a bug?
2. is there any way to supply plaintext passwords with definitions JSON?
3. Any other approach I should consider instead?

Many thanks.
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