[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbitmq File descriptor , socket descritor and memory

Michael Klishin mklishin at gopivotal.com
Thu Jul 3 07:28:38 BST 2014

On 3 July 2014 at 07:29:59, sagu prf (sagu.prf1 at gmail.com) wrote:
> > We are publishing non-persistent messages to rabbitmq whether 
> these
> paged messages are written to disk (mnesia db ) or it should use 
> swap
> space .
> it seems rabbitmq not using Swap space ?

Paging in the RabbitMQ config has nothing to do with OS swap.
RabbitMQ does not store messages in Mnesia. Messages are stored
in Rabbit's own message store, together with message index.

Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal/RabbitMQ

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