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Piyush Nagar piyush.nagar at winshuttle.com
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We are using RabbitMQ 2.8.6. Messages are published to RabbitMQ from a publisher service and received by some subscriber services. Publisher service is on the same machine as RabbitMQ but currently there are 5 subscriber services, all are on different machines.
The publisher handler multiple concurrent requests in multiple threads and publish the message to queue. The issue, I am facing is that the number of messages that publisher is publishing to a queue are not getting reflected in queue in Management console. I am using .NET client and each thread creates its own channel to publish a message. But they use same connection.
So for example, let there are 50 requests that my publisher receives and it sends 50 messages to queue. Publish call gets completed immediately. But after publishing when I check queue in management console, it shows only 8-12 calls in queue. Logs on my subscriber also says that only 8-12 calls are reached to the subscribers. All has prefetch count set to 20 so that means 100 requests can be handled at the same time.
All the messages in queue are in unack state. Not a single message is left in ready state so I guess that my subscriptions are working fine. But what is surprising is that, there is no message lost and all 50 messages reach to queue eventually and deliver to subscribers. So there is no data lost. But why it is taking that much time. The 60th message took almost 5 minutes to reach to queue and then to subscriber. Those are sent to broker but taking lots of time to reaching to queue.

I am clue less what is happening here. Can anyone tell me what should I search for or what other monitoring I can do her for RabbitMQ.

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