[rabbitmq-discuss] Message order of delivery

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Sun Jan 26 12:27:11 GMT 2014

I need to choose a new Queue broker for my new project.
This time I need a scalable queue that supports pub/sub, and keeping
message ordering is a must.

I read Alexis comment to an ancient
Quoara. He writes

"Indeed, we think RabbitMQ provides stronger ordering than Kafka"

I read the message ordering section in rabbitmq

"Messages can be returned to the queue using AMQP methods that feature a
requeue parameter (basic.recover, basic.reject and basic.nack), or due to a
channel closing while holding unacknowledged messages...*With release 2.7.0
and later it is still possible for individual consumers to observe messages
out of order* if the queue has multiple subscribers. This is due to the
actions of other subscribers who may requeue messages. From the perspective
of the queue the messages are always held in the publication order."

So, if I need to handle messages by their Order, I can only use rabbitMQ
with an exclusive queue  to each consumer? Is RabbitMQ still considered a
good solution for ordered message queuing?
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