[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitpy 0.14.0

Gavin M. Roy gavinmroy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 23:44:52 GMT 2014

I have pushed rabbitpy 0.14.0 to pypi and it is available for use. It is considered the latest and greatest stable release and all users are urged to upgrade.

This is a feature enhancement version adding the following functionality or features:

- Experimental support for use in Windows
- Support for RabbitMQ’s new authentication_failure_close feature, raising AMQP exceptions upon authentication failure
- Support for consumer priorities
- Remote initiated AMQP exceptions are now native to rabbitpy instead of referencing pamqp exceptions
- rabbitpy.Queue can act as a Python iterator for consuming messages
- rabbitpy.Tx has been updated to act as a context manager, automatically starting (TX.Select) and Committing (TX.Commit) or Rolling-back (TX.Rollback) based upon the exit of the code context.
- Attributes of the rabbitpy.Queue and rabbitpy.Exchange objects are no longer private and can be altered after object creation

In addition, the documentation at https://rabbitpy.readthedocs.org has been significantly updated.

Upgrading rabbitpy will also upgrade pamqp to 1.3.0 fixing the previous bug with small integer table encoding impacting AMQP requests with argument values containing small integer values.

For more information, including installation instructions, please visit https://pypi.python.org/pypi/rabbitpy or the documentation at https://rabbitpy.readthedocs.org 

If you have any issues, please be sure to use the issue tracker at https://github.com/gmr/rabbitpy/issues


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