[rabbitmq-discuss] Basic Nack not working

Guillaume Ouellet gui.ouellet at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 13:50:10 GMT 2014

Hi guys,

Here is a reference to my stackoverflow post. Basically I'm wondering if 
I'm using nack as intented or not. 


ere is what I am trying to do:

   1. Dequeue a message
   2. Do an action with the message
   3. If the action fails, put the message back in the queue
   4. If the action succeeds, acknowldge the message

My problem right now is that, if the action fails, the message isn't 
requeued, but stays unacknowledged. If I go in RabbitMQ web congifuration 
interface, I see that the messages are flagged as unacknowledged, even tho, 
the basic.Nack has been stepped over.

var delivery = subscription.Next();
var messageBody = delivery.Body;
   subscription.Ack(delivery);}catch (Exception ex){
   subscription.Model..BasicNack(delivery.DeliveryTag, false, true);
   throw ex;}

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