[rabbitmq-discuss] Poker service architecture using RabbitMQ

Cary Cherng ccherng at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 07:38:15 GMT 2014

I am learning and trying to understand how to use RabbitMQ to put
together something like a poker service.

Suppore there are many servers and each handles a bunch of poker
games. But how does the routing state get setup with RabbitMQ?

To be concrete consider two players A and B where A challenges B to a
heads up poker game. The game is created on one of the servers. This
create game message is sent to some server through a load balancing
choice made with RabbitMQ somehow? Also later when A sends an action
like raising how does this get routed to the right server and how does
that server then know how to route a message to B?

And suppose B disconnects and then reconnects. How does B figure out
what queue to subscribe to be able to communicate with the server
running the game so that B can acquire the latest state?

I suspect these issues represent typical scenarios in using RabbitMQ.
Is there maybe something written up on how to idiomatically use
RabbitMQ to architect a solution and the typical design patterns to

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