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Ashish Mukherjee ashish.mukherjee at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 09:04:54 GMT 2014


I have a Web application which submits messages to RabbitMQ consumer for
asynchronous report generation. At the same time, I have a real-time demo
on a very small subset of the data for demo. This is a synchronous

When a large number of messages are fed to the queue for async processing,
the messages fed in for demo fall to the bottom of the queue and the
request times out. There is low CPU and memory usage observed. I am trying
to resolve this issue.

I have the following questions -

1) How do I improve throughput further after doing the following?

i) Removed basicQos() call from the consumer code, so that the full
capacity is used

ii) Turned off acknowledgements

2) How do I use multiple queues within the same process?

Is there any code example which demonstrates this and efficient use of

3) What are the metrics I should look at to evaluate performance of the
message queue?


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