[rabbitmq-discuss] retransmiting of failed messages

Petar Georgiev petar.georgie at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 14:59:47 GMT 2014

Hi all

I have two rabbit mq nodes. The application componenets are connection to 
one of the two nodes. Compnet A is conetctet to node 1, component B is 
connected to node2. 
I want if node 1 is shutdown by power off the app component A to connect to 
node 2 and retransmit the send message to node1 - to resent the message to 
the available node. 

Is there is some internal rabbitmq way to achive this or there is some 
design patter which i can apply? 

If i publish a message to rabbit mq node that is down will i get 
IOException  and after how much time i will get it?

One more question - is there is some way to be informed when the connection 
with rabbit node is down - heartbeat or tcp keepalive feature? 

Best Regards,
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