[rabbitmq-discuss] looking for a design pattern for an aggregator (AMQP)

kgoess at bepress.com kgoess at bepress.com
Sat Jan 18 01:07:05 GMT 2014

We've been wrestling with this for a couple days and aren't any nearer a 
solution, so any suggestions would be helpful.

We have a queue of unaggregated data, hits per article.  We'd like to have 
a listener on that queue collect messages for, say 10,000 messages, or ten 
minutes, whichever comes first, before aggregating/coalescing the data and 
submitting that to a second queue.

We've been working with python AMQP (pika) code using the 
pika.BlockingConnection and basic_consume, using a SIGALRM timer. We're 
seeing lots of conflicts between the basic_consume callback, the SIGALRM 
callback, sending acknowledgments on the incoming data, and sending the 
outgoing aggregated data to the second queue. 

After a couple days experimenting with different approaches, we thought it 
might be productive to ask if anybody else has already solved this problem 
and can suggest a strategy, or if anybody things pika.BlockingConnection is 
even the right tool for this?

Thanks for any suggestions...
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