[rabbitmq-discuss] Send HTTP request and get response using RabbitMQ

Michael Klishin michael.s.klishin at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 06:30:18 GMT 2014

2014/1/18 Ravir Pandey <ravir.pandey at commusoft.co.uk>

> All HTTP request willl be in RabbitMQ -> Put all request in queue -> Queue
> get processed ( HTTP request to third party API through RabbitMQ ) -> Get
> response through RabbitMQ only.
> Is this possible?

You can publish a message over HTTP API that comes with the management
plugin [1].

However, you can only consume messages over HTTP via polling.


A separate process that communicates with your Web app over RabbitMQ's
other protocols
will yield better throughput and likely will result in code that's more to
the point.

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