[rabbitmq-discuss] create new binding [Web-based version]

Roberto Pagliari roberto at canary.is
Fri Jan 17 17:58:43 GMT 2014

That was an example. Whatever I type in, won't be accepted...

On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 12:02 PM, Simon MacMullen <simon at rabbitmq.com>wrote:

> On 17/01/2014 16:40, Roberto Pagliari wrote:
>> I'm trying to create a new binding using the Rabbit Web UI, under the
>> "exchange" tab.
>> The destination field (above routing key) required. However, any name I
>> choose is not valid. It says "no queue xyz found in /".
> Works for me.
> Does the queue 'xyz' actually exist?
> Cheers, Simon
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