[rabbitmq-discuss] Mirrored Queues in master and slaves

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Wed Jan 15 07:50:09 GMT 2014

On 15/01/2014 00:56, Alex L wrote:
> But when I publish a message, how would I know if I'm using the master's
> queue, or specifically one of the slave's queues?

On a conceptual level, the message will always be routed to the master. 
On a practical level it will also go to all of the slaves (in case the 
master fails before seeing it) but the master will be the one in charge 
of enqueuing it.

> Is there a way to find which queue I'm using?

It's best to view the queue as one distributed object, but if you need 
to find out the current master you can use rabbitmqctl or the management 

> And would it be possible to send a message directly to a slave without
> having it go through it's master?


Cheers, Simon

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