[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-c Memory-Based Flow Control API.

Rohit Patle Rohit.Patel2 at techmahindra.com
Sun Jan 12 07:29:21 GMT 2014

Hi Alan,

Thanks you for your advise. But I am facing following issues with your suggestions as:

1. After doing #rabbitmqctl list_channels client_flow_blocked, I could see the "false" value is default set there. While using amqp_login(), I am unable to find  the "capabilities table" to set 'connection.blocked'=true as mentioned. Please let me know how to do it.

2.  While using amqp_simple_wait_frame_noblock() I am unable to find the enum values you mentioned(AMQP_CONNECTION_BLOCKED_METHOD and AMQP_CONNECTION_UNBLOCKED_METHOD) which I supposed to get as result of amqp_simple_wait_frame_noblock() in amqp.h or amqp_framing.h. Please suggest.

FYI I am using link : http://alanxz.github.io/rabbitmq-c/docs/0.4.0/amqp_8h.html#a9cada07768aa46297acdd701f96d0d7f as documentation guide.

Thanks & Regards,


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