[rabbitmq-discuss] New C++ client API

Copernica BV, Emiel Bruijntjes emiel.bruijntjes at copernica.com
Tue Jan 7 09:26:51 GMT 2014


We've started a new open source C++ client API for RabbitMQ, because we 
were not happy with the ones that were around. Our new API is completely 
asynchronous, does not do any blocking IO operations and can be 
intergrated in event loops. It has a very straightforward API, and is 
well documented.

It would be nice to receive some feedback about this new API, and maybe 
even contributions.

The source code is on GitHub: 

And could someone add a link to the 
http://www.rabbitmq.com/devtools.html page?

Copernica BV

Emiel Bruijntjes

Internet: www.copernica.com <http://www.copernica.com>
Tel: +31 (0)20 5206190
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