[rabbitmq-discuss] messages grouped and each group differently restricted

Grenier,Michel [CMC] Michel.Grenier at ssc-spc.gc.ca
Fri Jan 3 21:13:05 GMT 2014

Hi  rabbitmq gurus.

    I now have messages on my rabbitmq servers  that I consider public...
    All my users have access to all of them.   
    So  same vhost,  exchange,  exchange_type,  and various exchange_key possibilities
    because the  type of messages varies a lot.
    Everything works fine.

    Now I would like add several new messages and restrict them in this way :

1-	The new messages will be grouped according to their content...  into a bunch of categories
2-	Each category is independent from another (no message in common)
3-	Each category is restricted (not public) 
4-	Only a  few users  will be allow to receive messages from categories
5-	Each user can be granted a different subsets of these categories ...
    What is the best way of doing this ?   

    Each  category becomes  a different  vhost    and than
    set  permission for the corresponding vhost   to the targetted users ?   
    I cannot figure out anything else...

    Thanks for you attention and time

Michel Grenier
Spécialiste Senior | Senior Specialist
acquisition et distribution de données | data acquisition and distribution
Service Partagés Canada | Shared Services Canada
Gouvernement du Canada | Government of Canada

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