[rabbitmq-discuss] BasicGet ignoring routing key . Exchange is Direct

Patrick Long pat at munkiisoft.com
Thu Jan 2 18:10:25 GMT 2014

More info: The management UI added the Message to the right Queue but the
exchange is not the usual one. It has used "AMQP default" with a
delivery_mode of 1.

Does this explain the unexpected dequeuing?


On 2 January 2014 17:56, Patrick Long <pat at munkiisoft.com> wrote:

> We are using the C# .NET client library.
> I create a channel like so
> channel.ExchangeDeclare(workExchangeName, *ExchangeType.Direct*);
> Then bind a queue like
> channel.QueueBind(this.WorkQueueName, workExchangeName,
> *BuildRoutingKey(buildNumber)*);
> Today I was trying to debug a failing message from a different
> environment. I took the message's JSON from that server, via the Management
> UI, and manually created a message on my local machine, again via the
> Management UI. There was no option to set a specific RoutingKey, it created
> one for me with the same name as the queue 'WorkQueue'.
> The local RabbitMQ had a couple of existing messages with a RoutingKey of
> 'Development:STACK_1_WEBSERVER_V2:1:'
> When I call channel.*BasicGet*(this.WorkQueueName, false) in a loop it
> dequeues all three messages even though the channel was created to look at
> a queue and exchange with the routing key of
> 'Development:STACK_1_WEBSERVER_V2:1:'
> Any idea why it would be ignoring the RoutingKey?
> Thanks
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> Patrick Long - Munkiisoft Ltd

Patrick Long - Munkiisoft Ltd
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