[rabbitmq-discuss] Robust zone-aware topology?

Mordy Ovits mordyovits at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 28 19:07:52 GMT 2014

>> I don't want consumers in Miami to do New York work just because

>> new_york has a queue depth of 2 while miami is quiet.
> You say that but does it really cause so much of a problem that
> it requires inventing an entirely new and complex way of doing
> things instead of using the capability that rabbit ships with
> out of the box?
Crossing zones is something I'd only want to do as a last resort.  Executing a job in Singapore with data in Chicago is a bad idea.

And is a-e so complex or out of the ordinary?  It seems a simpler feature than federation.

> In your a-e design, messages that are in the auto-delete queue when
> the last consumer disconnects will be lost. Is that acceptable?

It's not great, that's for sure!  That's why I'm unsure about the design I came up with and asked the experts.



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