[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ publishing is taking time

Piyush Nagar piyush.nagar at winshuttle.com
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Thanks for the reply. I used Firehose and below are my observations:

As soon as message is published using BasicPublish method, it reaches to queue with routing key publish.exchangename immediately. But it takes time while reaching deliver.queuename queue. I am correlating all messages with correlationID in header which is a GUID and it is same.

So that means, messages are reaching to rabbitMQ but are taking time to deliver (which should not be there and messages should come to this queue also immediately). I have sufficient consumers and prefetch counts available. Also when there is increase in number of concurrent messages, this time difference increases. All the messages are binary data with some file blob.

Also, I want to mention that, using logging in my publisher, I found out that, let 20 messages are published. But using management console, I can see only 6-7 messages, all are in unacked state (we send ack only after consumption by consumer, which takes some time).

Please suggest me the path to take from here.

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On 29/01/14 12:51, Piyush Nagar wrote:
> I am clue less what is happening here. Can anyone tell me what should
> I search for or what other monitoring I can do her for RabbitMQ.

You could use tracing / firehose to generate trace messages with timestamps when the broker receives the messages.


That would give you some confirmation that the messages are not getting delayed in queues somehow.

But I suspect you'll find that the delay is before the broker generates the firehose message. So the next step would be to watch the publishing connection with Wireshark; that can analyse AMQP frames so you should be able to see the messages just before they reach the broker.

I strongly suspect you'll find the problem lies in your client application though...

Cheers, Simon

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