[rabbitmq-discuss] JavaClient HeartbeatSender

Dmitry Andrianov dmitry.andrianov at alertme.com
Thu Feb 20 14:24:10 GMT 2014

On 20/02/14 14:03, Michael Klishin wrote:
>> 2. The fact I can supply my own executor to ConnectionFactory but still another one will be used for heartbeats - doesn't it sound like a bug?
> It doesn’t to me. JavaDoc for the executor parameter mentions that the executor is for consumers
> to use. Heartbeat sender is an implementation detail. Using your own executor may result in skipped
> heartbeats.

Fair enough.

> Chances are some Google App Engine fixes will be in 3.3: one of the changes lets
> you configure a ThreadFactory that will be used by anything in the client that instantiates threads.

Custom ThreadFactory sounds a bit scary. So it won't be using executors 
framework in that case?

To me personally it would be enough to have some setter somewhere 
(ConnectionFactory most likely) to allow setting 
ScheduledExecutorService which will be used for heartbeats but I am not 
sure hot it fits the design.

Will take a look at changes for GAE when they are out if we still have 
that problem by then.

Thanks, Michael.

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