[rabbitmq-discuss] /api/queue message_stats->deliver_get_details->last_event removed in 3.1?

Jeff jeff at jefftrout.com
Wed Feb 19 19:53:56 GMT 2014

so today we had to upgrade rabbitmq from 3.0.2 to 3.2.3 to cope with a bug we hit (the Discarding message {'$gen_call',{<0.19517.81>,#Ref<>},stat} from <0.19517.81> to <0.485.0> in an old incarnation (3) of this node (1) issue).

Built the new one, applied a patch to the STOMP adaptor (It allows you to subscribe exclusively to a queue, I submitted it a long time ago but it was rejected) and launched it.  came up and worked. (yay!)

But then we started getting beloved alerts about queues having unack’d messages and no deliveries.   I check the mgmt interface and it is chewing through messages. I look at our check script and saw a value I key off is no longer there - 

I use message_stats->deliver_get_details->last_event to keep track of a queue that may have stalled consumers. some of our requests take some time to process, so it normal to have some unack’d ones laying around for a while. 

is there a replacement for this? I see ->rate, but I can’t figure out what the rate is over? per second? what if some requests take many seconds to run?


Jeff Trout <jeff at jefftrout.com>

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