[rabbitmq-discuss] Receiving messages from multiple queues

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn djacobfeuerborn at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 23:45:52 GMT 2014

I'm trying to understand how I can receive messages from multiple queues.
Messages get published to exchange X and which has a binding to queue Q so 
that's where all messages end up.
Now in the consumer I can drain messages from that queue directly but that 
only allows me to get messages from that single queue.
On the web I see examples that create a server-named queue and then use a 
binding to receive messages but that only seems to work if the consumer is 
running while messages are published. If I first publish a message and only 
later start the consumer then I don't get the old messages from the queues 
the messages where delivered to.

How can I get the messages from all the old queues?

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