[rabbitmq-discuss] Tutorial #3 (Publish/Subscribe)

Sven Resch sven at logicopolis.com
Mon Feb 3 22:53:22 GMT 2014

I’m just going through the tutorials and have a question on Tutorial #3 (Publish/Subscribe). The tutorial states as follows:

> Secondly, once we disconnect the consumer the queue should be deleted. There's an exclusive flag for that:
> result = channel.queue_declare(exclusive=True)

The description of what the exclusive flag does not seem consistent with the Pika documentation from:


For queue_declare states as follows:

> exclusive (bool) – Only allow access by the current connection
> auto_delete (bool) – Delete after consumer cancels or disconnects
Should tutorial #3 be updated to use auto_delete=True or should the description for the exclusive flag be fixed?

Thx, Sven
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