[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQCtl status shows nodedown after logout/login Windows

Brian Locke brian.locke at datascan.com
Wed Aug 20 18:57:59 BST 2014

I have 3 RabbitMQ servers running on 3 windows servers as a service (local
system acct) . They are clustered and are up and running. The management
console shows all up, etc.
I have the same .erlang.cookie in my c:\windows and c:\users\username

This morning I was using rabbitmqctl normally and all was good. I logged
out of the machine instead of my usual disconnect (via RDP).
When I logged back in (as same user) and run rabbitmqctl status I get the
nodedown error like it's not running. To verify I did this on a second
server and the same results occurred. The third server I have left as-is
(meaning I didn't log out) and rabbitmqctl status works just fine. It does
,however, fail when I run rabbitmqctl report.

What else am I missing in troubleshooting this?

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