[rabbitmq-discuss] Pause minority cluster with publisher confirms losing messages

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Tue Aug 5 10:36:55 BST 2014

On 31/07/14 17:02, victorbr wrote:
> I seem to be observing exactly the same behavior you describe - when the
> network partition happens, at first the sender is blocked waiting for
> acknowledgement, then it finally gets it but then there are 6-7 seconds
> before the partitioned node shuts itself down when the sender can happily
> send messages to it and get immediate acknowledgements. Naturally, nothing
> of these messages enter the queue.
> Have you been able to understand why it happens and how one could work
> around it?

This is a known bug - it is fixed in nightly builds and will go into 
3.3.5. Look for 26225 / 26293 in the release notes.

Cheers, Simon

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