[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-dotnet-client-3.3.0: 2 unit tests fail

Mirco Babin mirco.babin at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 09:38:26 BST 2014

Dear reader,

I want to report 2 unit test errors in the RabbitMQ dot Net client.

I took the following steps:
1) Downloaded rabbitmq-dotnet-client-3.3.0.zip from the RabbitMQ website.
2) Extracted the zip file and renamed the Local.props.example to 
3) Modified Local.props to target the dot Net 4.5 framework
4) Opened the RabbitMQDotNetClient.sln in Visual Studio 2012 Professional
5) Confirmed the migration of the solution
6) Batch builded everything in the solution.
7) Downloaded and installed NUnit 2.6.3
8) Started NUnit gui (from the start menu), selected open project and 
9) Finally hit the "run" button in NUnit gui

Nunit reports 2 errors:
Unblock notification not received.

2) This error is probably due to locale issues. I have the Dutch Locale, 
and a decimal point is a "," in The Netherlands. (e.g. Dutch: 123.456,78 
means integer part 123456 and decimal part 78)
  String lengths are both 5. Strings differ at index 1.
  Expected: "1.234"
  But was:  "1,234"

Kind regards,
Mirco Babin

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