[rabbitmq-discuss] queue selection based on a 'feature list'

Laing, Michael michael.laing at nytimes.com
Wed Oct 30 16:00:41 GMT 2013

Perhaps this approach will help. For example:

Using a key pattern of 'w.x.y.z':

A server supports: 'w.x.y.-'

A message needs: '-.x.y.-'

Bind with the complement of the server pattern: '*.*.*.z'

Publish with the complement of the message pattern: 'w.-.-.z'

If server capabilities overlap there is still a routing problem...


On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 9:54 AM, Lawrence Freil
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> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm attempting to create a distributed message processing system in which
> messages posted requires a list of features and can only be posted to
> queues which have all the required features. In addition it needs to act as
> a direct exchange in that only one queue should receive a message. In
> looking over both the headers and topic exchanges it seems the wildcards
> are specified the wrong way around for this. For example, I have servers
> which can support optional features of w,x,y and z. When I publish a
> message it may require x and y. I don't care if the server it runs on
> supports w and z. So what I really need is the message to support the
> 'pattern'' and the queues to support the 'string'. Is there a way to
> accomplish this with the current exchanges?
> Thanks.
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> Lawrence Freil
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