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Graeme N graeme at sudo.ca
Mon Oct 28 19:00:09 GMT 2013

> Certainly I can populate 100 queues with 1,000 messages each in a rather
> small fraction of a second with the PerfTest tool (
> http://www.rabbitmq.com/java-tools.html) if the same message goes to all
> queues 1,000 times, or in less than 10 seconds if each message is distinct

Quick question about using this perftest tool. I'm trying to use it to
populate my test queues quicker for future tests, but I can't seem to get
it to leave the messages in the queues. With a queue called "test", it was
enough with amqp-publish to set the routing key to "test", and messages
would get delivered to that queue. However, with this tool, I can see
messages being delivered to the cluster, but they never make it to the
queue or are retained there:

./runjava.sh com.rabbitmq.examples.PerfTest -k "test" -C 100000 -x 1 -y 0
-s 4 -f persistent

(I'm assuming the -s size is in bytes)

You're right that it does seem much faster, but without it actually storing
to a queue it's hard to say whether it's even attempting the same
operations. It appears as if this tool uses the "direct" exchange, which
doesn't route anywhere, and so messages are immediately dropped. I can't
seem to figure out how to use the default exchange, unlike amqp-publish,
specifying the empty string as an exchange just causes a big java stack
dump with this tool. Any suggestions?

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