[rabbitmq-discuss] Getting the routing key from connection (web stomp)

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Oct 11 11:49:14 BST 2013

Hi Magnus,

Apologies for the delayed response to your query.

On 28/09/13 22:18, Magnus Andersson wrote:

> I need to get a handle on the routing key for the generated temporary
> queue when using web stomp. I can't get that from the JavaScript side.

If you need the name of a temporary queue then that is normally a sign
that you should name the queue yourself instead of relying on a
server-generated name.

> My desired scenario for my event driven app.
> 1) Browser client opens a websocket connection to rabbitmq web stomp
> 2) When calling client.connect, the routing key is made available
> (example: amq.gen-oQVllULAASDvZdXsxFADHg). *Not working today?*

Opening a connection does not involve a routing key.

> There is a fan-out exchange that all clients subscribe to. But I mostly
> want to send messages to one dedicated client at a time.

If you want to address clients individually then the clients should
maintain separate individual subscriptions for that line of
communication, possibly not involving temporary queue names.

> The documentation is very scarce on Web Stomp and I'm new to RabbitMQ
> and not particularly Erlang proficient. So I need some pointers. 

There are some examples that illustrate use of the plugin:



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