[rabbitmq-discuss] CRL support

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Tue Oct 8 12:27:13 BST 2013

On 8 Oct 2013, at 11:52, Tim Watson wrote:
> I don't see any incompatibility - Rabbit does little more than forward the options you've provided to the SSL application. It looks to me like this problem has more to do with how the SSL application handles the validate_fun.

That bit is true, however...

> I'd suggest asking on the erlang-questions mailing list to see if you can get some more guidance there - unless someone else on rabbit-discuss has come across this before and can say more about it.

That "someone" did exist, and was kind enough to point out that the SSL application guards the use of a client supplied `verify_fun' via `is_function(Fun)', which will fail for the tuple variety of the form. We can probably wrap a tuple fun/spec in a proper fun quite easily, and therefore make this work properly. We have filed a bug to look into doing just that, and will hopefully get the fix into the next release.

Sorry for any confusion and thank you for your analysis, which drew our attention to this!


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