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Jerry Kuch jkuch at gopivotal.com
Fri Oct 4 18:24:26 BST 2013

The notion of mirroring exchanges doesn't make sense.

An exchange is essentially metadata, shared across the cluster in a
distributed database.  There's no living, running entity beyond that
backing it, and the routing work implied by the exchange is done by the
process associated with the publishing channel.

A queue however is backed by a single Erlang process.  A mirrored queue
gains extra backing processes to support its mirrors.  These processes must
coordinate amongst themselves to make sure the same operations applied to
the master are applied to the queues in the same order, so that a slave can
be promoted to take over for its failed master.

You configure mirrored queues in recent Rabbit versions by creating a
policy that names the queues you want to have mirrored and specifies the
details for how they're mirrored (number of replicas, locations of
replicas, etc.).  In older versions you configured mirrored queues at
queue.declare time, which was less flexible in a number of respects.

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On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 10:15 AM, PATAR, SAGAR <sp345s at att.com> wrote:

> I mean in Master/Slave architecture during the failovers ...
> If all exchanges are mirrored then we need to configure the exchanges
> which needs to be mirrored in Master/Slave .. Is that correct??
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> > Thank you .. Apart from Queue.. We should be able to mirror a topic (I
> mean Topic Exchange) as well right.
> All exchanges are always mirrored. They are not really separate entities,
> just a distributed routing
> table that all nodes have a copy of. That's why you can publish to any
> node.
> MK
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