[rabbitmq-discuss] License

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu Oct 3 12:55:25 BST 2013


On 02/10/13 17:57, PATAR, SAGAR wrote:

> We have a scenario where we need to expose our cluster to WAN so that
> clients can publish/subscribe for messages ..  We wanted to see if
> rabbitMQ provides a load balancer capability so the
> messages/consumers are distributed evenly in the cluster (mirrored
> queue master/slave cluster) .. 

No, the broker does not include a load balancer. You may be able to
insert one on the network though.

> Do you think we need to have a Load blancer to abstract rabbitMQ to
> provide the above ...

Yes, you could place a load-balancer in front of the broker and
configure it with the addresses of all the nodes in the cluster. The
load balancer must be configured in such a way that consumers connected
to a failed master node aren't transparently reconnected to a different
node, because their subscription will need to be renewed.


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