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PATAR, SAGAR sp345s at att.com
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Thanks ..

We have a scenario where we need to expose our cluster to WAN so that clients can publish/subscribe for messages ..  We wanted to see if rabbitMQ provides a load balancer capability so the messages/consumers are distributed evenly in the cluster (mirrored queue master/slave cluster) .. 
Also we want to expose an single AMQP or STOMP url  to our clients so that clients  are not aware of any internal changes and are not affected when we have the below scenarios  ..like  new slaves added or slaves removed or master changed or IP of the master/slaves change internally etc ...

Do you think we need to have a Load blancer to abstract rabbitMQ to provide the above ...

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On 02/10/13 15:43, PATAR, SAGAR wrote:
> In regards to the cluster ... we will be having 2 different clusters
> .. one of them will be a backup just in case the primary cluster goes
> down ...we wanted to check if federation can be used to sync up these
> two different env's on a WAN on just few queues...

Yes, federation can apply to a subset of exchanges using policies.
Also see http://www.rabbitmq.com/federation.html#clustering


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