[rabbitmq-discuss] Suggestions for queue rename

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Mar 27 13:56:02 GMT 2013


On 27/03/13 12:35, Dushin Fred wrote:
> Postcondition: NQ is bound to E via K and !\exists Q

This is a fair approximation but bear in mind that some information is
destroyed in this process. Any messages that had their redelivered flag
turned on will have that flag  reset. Information about TTL will also be

> Question: Is there an easier way to do this, e.g., via internal APIs
> in the broker?

It might be possible to perform the renaming in the Mnesia database
directly. but I wouldn't recommend it. For one, it would become very
challenging to obtain support for your installation at that point. Also,
there are various event triggers that normally fire at resource creation
time that will be bypassed if you perform a rename in the database.


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