[rabbitmq-discuss] lager vs sasl error log

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Tue Mar 26 15:46:42 GMT 2013

Hi Ben,

Sorry for the delayed response.

On 23 Mar 2013, at 23:06, Ben Hood wrote:
> Hey Tim,
> I don't think that everything needs to fit on one line. Longer traces which provide good context should probably remain as multiline entries. However, info items, for example,
> Mar 22 22:33:01 a rabbit3:  =INFO REPORT==== 22-Mar-2013::22:33:01 === 
> Mar 22 22:33:01 a rabbit3:  Setting permissions for 'guest' in '/' to '.*', '.*', '.*' 
> need not get split up over two lines.

Sure I understand the desire for that. We still need to decide whether having an external dependency is something we really want to do though.

> With regard to longer traces, it would be nice if they could be handled in such a way that the generic portion of the call stack were trimmed down to something nearer the actual call site, rather that the entire generic call trace. As inspiration, logback mitigates the default "root cause comes last" behavior in Java with the reverse depth layout modifier (rEx{depth}). Lot's of hand waving here though.

I agree, but that's something lager is responsible for so it's not exactly all in our hands.

> Finally, I do have to concur with Gavin on people's perception about Rabbit due to logging - I've have many conversations with people over the years who ask why Rabbit has such bizare logging - I've generally answered that this is an Erlang-ism, and though it is strange, the server kind of serves its primary function well (i.e. delivering messages), so just put up with it.

Would it be sufficient to simply rely on lager's error_logger replacement (handler) instead of switching completely over to lager's API? Can we get really specific about what exactly we want to be able to do? I mean, are people asking to be able to configure the logging output (format) or add additional appenders (which was the origin request) or both?


> Cheers,
> Ben
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