[rabbitmq-discuss] Guidance on Using F5 Load Balancer with RabbitMQ

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Fri Mar 15 10:46:38 GMT 2013

Hi Richard,

On 11 Mar 2013, at 20:55, Richard Raseley wrote:
> Is anyone able to share some "best practices" as it relates to using a F5 load balancer to distribute load between nodes of a RabbitMQ cluster?

Can you explain a bit more clearly what you're trying to achieve please? Using a load balancer to maintain connectivity to a cluster is recommended and quite common, but that isn't going to 'distribute load between nodes' per se. Are you trying to distribute the load of publishing over multiple nodes, or consuming, or what? There are various things to consider depending on your goals.

> I am most interested in the persistence and timeout settings which we should be using in conjunction with RabbitMQ.

There cannot be any specific settings that will work for all deployments - this will be application specific I would've thought. The only advice that springs to mind is if you are setting AMQP heartbeats on your connections, then make sure the proxy timeout is aligned with (i.e., greater than) these to avoid disturbing connections unnecessarily - but that's pretty obvious.


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